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Lab Results

Certificates of Analysis (COA)

Click on the link below to acces the COA for our gummies and the base oil in the gummies.

10 mg WendyJane HHC Gummies

25 mg WendyJane HHC Gummies

Base HHC Oil

How do I read a COA?

Certificates of Analysis can be confusing, especially if you've never seen one before. These reports are a summary of a test that determines the total amount of different cannabinoinds in a sample. The test is run by a third party lab, in this case KCA Labs. The header of the document lists their contact info and license number.

The first section of the document lists the information about the sample. These numbers are internal to the manufacturer and the testing lab, and they are used for QC. The date of testing is listed here as well, along with a photo of the sample.

Underneath this section is a group of blue boxes, highlighting key information about the test. The important number here for us is the "Total d9-THC" value, listed as "ND". This stands for non-detectible, meaning the testing equipment cannot find any d9THC.

Under these blue boxes is a detailed table, listing out all the cannabinoids that the test searches for and the amount detected of each. There are five columns to this table:

  • Analyte: This is the cannabinoid that the equipment is testing for

  • LOD (%): This is the minimum value that the equipment can detect (Limit of Detection). The test reports "ND" below this value.

  • LOQ (%): This is the minimum value that the test can reliabily quantify (Limit of Quantification).

  • Result (%): This is the measured mass % of each analyte. The HHC oil sample above has 0.0176% CBN, an effectively negligble amount.

  • Result (mg/g): This is another way to represent the total amount of the analyte in the compound. It is useful when analyzing edibles, such as WendyJane HHC Gummies. The total cannabinoinds in the 10mg gummy is 11.3 mg/unit, giving a clear indication of the dosage.


There is one more nuance to the COA for an HHC sample: there are two types of HHC. They are commonly referred to as 9R- and 9S-HHC, and can be found at the bottom of the table in the COA. "HHC" is considered the sum of both varieties.

It's generally believed that 9R-HHC is more potent than 9S-HHC, but 9S is naturally formed with 9R, usually in a 1:1 ratio.

The oil used in our most recent batch of WendyJane Gummies is 65.9% 9R-HHC and 29.5% 9S-HHC, shown in the COA above. This >2:1 R:S ratio is the secret behind why our low dosage 10mg gummies still have a serious kick, and is only achievable because of the optimized processes developed by PME By Design.

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